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Shield - Wilson Mouthguards
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PX MGB für Zahnspangen Sr schwarz inkl. Box 2008B-BOX
PX MGB Mouthguard for Braces, sr,black + case
These mouthguards are cast from 2 different materials. The outer layer, which is in contact with the braces, does not change when adjust. The inner layer is adapted individually. This mouthguard provides solid carriers braces reliable...
€35.95 *
SHIELD Custom Fit - gießbarer Zahnschutz 250
SHIELD Custom Fit
The powder is mixed with the supplied wooden spoon with a liquid. This creates a liquid mass which is cast into the tooth form of protection. Easy to handle. Adapts perfectly to the contour of each tooth. Suitable for all sports. For...
€29.50 *
SHIELD MG3 dreistufiger Zahnschutz Senior mint 2006
SHIELD MG3 Triple Density Adult Mouthguard, mint
Three-stage Mouthguards are cast in three layers protective material. These mouthguards have an ergonomic outer layer, a soft inner coating and an additional shock absorbing incorporated spiral. The mouth guard offers maximum protection...
€28.95 *
SHIELD Zahnschutz-Box schwarz 88
SHIELD Mouthguard Storage Case BLACK
Practical Case for hygienic storage and transport of all-Shield mouthguards. Shield fits for all versions! Color: black
€6.50 *
SHIELD MG1 einstufig Senior 125B
SHIELD MG1 single density Senior
SHIELD MG1 single density Senior
€6.75 *
SHIELD Zahnschutz 140 Kinder 140B
SHIELD mouthguard 140 youth
SHIELD mouthguard 140 youth simple mouth protection, not suitable for full contact use!
€5.45 *
SHIELD Standard Zahnschutz #1025 1025B
SHIELD Standard mouthguard #1025
SHIELD Standard mouthguard #1025 simple mouth protection, not suitable for full contact use!
€5.45 *