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PX Schutzweste "Shadow Guard", schwarz 100-KWPL
PX Chestguard "Shadow Guard", black
PX Protection Vest "Shadow Guard" Black Our lightweight combat protection vest in black is the perfect choice for all martial artists seeking reliable protective gear that can be discreetly worn under their uniform. With its lightweight...
€78.68 *
PX BODY ARMOUR Bauch- und Oberschenkelpolster 100-BSO
PX BODY ARMOUR Belly and Thigh Pad
PX BODY ARMOUR Belly and Thigh Pad Made of very fine and robust artificial leather Universal size with many adjustment options for the straps on the belly and thigh pads
€212.65 *
SMAI WKF Karate Weste für Kinder U14, weiß 100-KYS
SMAI WKF Childrens Chestguard U14, white
SMAI WKF Childrens Chestguard U14, white Competition and Sparring chestguard for children and teens U14 in Karate and other martial arts approved by WKF (World Karate Federation) for all WKF tournaments up to international level
€92.25 *
Trainingsweste für Stockkampf 100-TWW
Training Vest for Stickfighting
Training Vest for Stickfighting Universal size for adults with a good fit and adjustable multiple times for good comfort. Due to the many individual elements, good mobility is achieved and in partner exercises the defense against blows,...
€106.66 *
FAIRTEX Oberschenkel Trittpratze schwarz, Paar FTTP3B
FAIRTEX Thigh kickpads. black, Pair
FAIRTEX Thigh kickpads. black, Pair This innovative training pad by FAIRTEX is attached to the thighs with a girdle and buckles. In conjunction with a stomach pad and a pair of hand pads, a trainer can practice almost all punches and...
€303.66 *
FAIRTEX Trainer Bauchpratze Leder schwarz FTBPV2B
FAIRTEX Trainer Leather Belly Pad, black
FAIRTEX Trainer Leather Belly Pad, black The lightweight, yet strong Belly protector is built to best possible absorb the effects of push kicks or knee bumps. Extra slim shape for a good fit at the waist and better protection of the...
€158.82 *
SMAI Boxer-Bauch- und Körperpolster 100-BD
SMAI boxers training belly and bodyshield
SMAI boxers training belly and bodyshield genuine leather Solid core chest guard that will fit all adults with easy adjustment features so no need for fussing about. Great alternative and comparable in terms of padding and protection and...
€183.38 *
SMAI Thai Bauchpolster Echtleder schwarz-weiß 100-BQ
SMAI Thai belly pad, leather, black-white
SMAI Thai belly pad, leather, black-white very robust design, designed for intensive professional use.
€128.52 *
SMAI WKF Karate Schutzweste 100-KVXS
SMAI WKF Karate Chestguard
SMAI WKF Karate Chestguard Comfortable chestguard to wear under the Gi, perfect fit and does not move because of an elastic system and only one velcro to fix it. Best protection properties and good flexibility at the same time! WKF...
€78.68 *
PX Bauchpratze Schultergurte (Mesh & Leder) 100-BP
PX Belly Pad, shoulder straps (mesh+leather)
This belly pad of leather is different than most pads you might know. A sturdy strap system offers maximum support and protection by the adjustment of the stomach can be adjusted to any size. Over all the protector tends to be rather...
€90.30 *
WACOKU WTF-Wendeweste 100-TWX00
Chest guard red-blue reversible, CE-
TAEKWONDO body armor vest to match current rule. Both sides to use with a blue and a red side. Good adjustment by rear lacing (Criss Cross). Tested for safe ingredients tested and protective effect. Size recommendation on the basis of...
€55.19 *