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PX Doppel-Schlagmitt für Boxsäcke 100-TMS1
PX double focus target for punching bags
PX double focus target for punching bags You do not need an additional training partner and can do workouts alone. Suitable for use on any existing punching bags and standing punching bags with diameter from 30 cm to 40 cm.
€49.32 *
Standboxsack Economy ca 180 cm hoch, schwarz 100-BOFS
Economy free stranding bag 180cm all black
Punching bag with a total height of about 180 cm (38 cm base, 142 cm punching bag) Perfect for training of both high and low kicks. Especially as a replacement if you can not fix sandbags in your premises. The base can be filled with...
€580.05 *
Standboxsack "Kids", schwarz-rot, 150 cm 100-BOG
Free Stranding Punchbag "Kids" 150cm black-red
Free Stranding Punchbag "Kids" 150cm black-red Ideal Punchbag for Kids, especially the very young and small. The weightfoot is very low, only 22 cm, and this is why even the smallest children can do kicks and punches on the foam...
€386.69 *
Standboxsack schwarz-rot ca. 174 cm 100-BOZ
Standing punching bag, black-red ca. 174 cm
The perfect training partner for all punch and kick combinations. The playing surface is characterized by a firm and very solid processed foam padding. The new suspension system provides security and takes load from the stand. Thus, the...
€387.72 *